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Why me?

Why HIRE ME?Experience

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, so-called "SEO experts" are a dime-a-dozen. But what is a true expert? Merriam-Webster defines expertise as "special skill or knowledge".

I truly believe to call yourself an "expert", you must possess the ability to carry out your craft effectively, while being able to achieve consistent results over a large period of time.

I've been around since the days of "Google Dance". I even coined my own SEO term, "Google Juice" (well, not really). I pride myself in constantly improving my skillset and knowledge of SEO.


My Mission?To go where no SEO has gone before.

In all seriousness, to be a truly effective SEO you must be able to "think outside the box".

You must understand clean code, good design, effective UX and fundamental marketing concepts. In other words, you must be willing and able to do anything that can have an impact (directly or indirectly) on your SEO.

I want to help websites be the best they can be with effective white-hat SEO. One website at a time.

What I Do

What I Do?Make customers happy.

I rarely, if ever, fail to improve a website's organic traffic. That might sound conceited, but I'm sure you can appreciate the honesty :)

If you give the chance, I can deliver the goods. Just ask some of my happy clients ;)

If you want to know what I can do for you, please contact me. I'm never too far from my computer, so I should respond promptly.

+ Million
Organic Visits Generated (yes, really.)
Pages Optimized
Hours spent doing SEO


Like a Ninja.

SEO Analysis

I'll find out what sucks about your site and tell you what your competitors are doing better.

White Hat & Merit-Based

Link Development/Building

It's mah thang.

Stickyness. Conversions.


I'll help you figure out what your customers are searching for.

People I've Worked With

People Who Dig My Skills:

Jon helped us formulate our SEO strategy and fix some lingering problems that were hurting our SEO. He also took the time to train our entire editorial staff on how to use tools to increase the SEO-ability of every article we write.

Matthew Knapp, VP Technology StyleCaster Media Group - StyleCaster.com

Working with Jon was great for InkedMag.com. He brought our website to first page for some of our top keywords, like "tattoos" and "tattoo designs" and in the process more than doubled our search traffic. He knew how to leverage our site's strengths, and focus on our weaknesses. I would recommend him for anyone looking for quality, experienced SEO!

Jami Pearlman, CFO Quadra Media LLC Inked Magazine - InkedMag.com

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